Why We Love @Nokia? Reason 1: Because of ZEISS Lens and Camera Innovations


Nokia 7650 (2002)

Nokia have been helping people to taking photos with their Nokia phones more than a decade,and of course with helps of Carl Zeiss team

the journey started with Nokia 7650 is the first Nokia Camera phone,and the beginning of Camera/Photography features on a phone


Everyone love their Nokia 7650,and love the camera features on their phone

Nokia N90 (2005)

Then the journey continued with partnership between Nokia and Carl ZEISS team 3 years after the announcement of Nokia 7650 Nokia’s first Camera phone,the Nokia N90 Won European media phone of the year (2005-2006) when its start hitting the stores everyone quickly getting one,Nokia N90 proves that Nokia wants to bring more Innovations in Smartphone photography, Nokia N90 have an unique design and looks like a camcorders,with Nokia N90 everyone starting to love taking photos with their phone because its more compact and functional than SLR and Pocket cameras

Nokia N93 (2006)

After releasing Nokia N90 1 year ago,Nokia still doing more and more innovations in photography and the result is Nokia N93,Nokia N93 also won European Media Phone Of The Year (2006-2007),Nokia N93  taking Smartphone photography to whole new Level 


With a bit same design as Nokia N90,Nokia N93 Carries 3 times optical ZOOM,when the first iPhone are announced in 2007,Nokia N93 still taking a much better results than the Apple iPhone

With Nokia N93 People find a new way for taking photos once again with optical zoom feature on a compact size

Nokia N95 (2007) 

With Nokia N95,Nokia gave sensor as large as point and shoot/still cameras,at that times people start to think twice whether they choose that cameras or a phone (Nokia N95) And again,Nokia smokes Apple iPhone (1st and 2nd generation) camera


It have Carl Zeiss lens  too same as the previous Nokia,Nokia N90 and N93,with Nokia N95 people have GPS,Multitasking and Office we usually called N95 (at that time) as a camera,a phone,and a pocketable PC,it  also Won TIPA Award for best imaging device in 2007

Nokia N82 (2007)

In the same year when Nokia N95 announced,Nokia also introduce the new Nokia N82 with the introductions of Xenon Flash,it have amazing picture even in low light,thanks to Xenon Flash

Nokia N82 are very compact and pocketable,and it makes people fall in love with Nokia N82,Nokia N82 is the worlds best camera phone in 2007 and 2008 alongside Nokia N95,and its still beat the iPhone and Sony Ericsson (now Sony) their biggest competitors at that time,meanwhile samsung still dont have innovations


Nokia N86 (2009)

After successful to bringing more innovations in smartphone camera technology,Nokia still wants to bring more innovations this time with Nokia N86,Nokia N86 Equipped with cool 8MP Camera,multiple aperture settings,and of course a mechanical shutter

With cool design and durable of course,everyone quickly buying them and love how Nokia bringing more innovations in camera and design.

This what Stephen said few weeks ago when Nokia introduces the new Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera

“Everyone becomes a photographer”


And its true,today everyone love to taking photos with their smartphone telling their stories in social networks,families,and friends

The Nokia N86 Won TIPA Best Imaging device in 2009


Nokia N8 (2010)

Nokia N8 Are very amazing at that time,it have USB On The Go,HDMI Port and cool design

With 12MP Camera and Xenon Flash,it can capture sharp and rich images in any light conditions,but sadly Symbian^3 isnt innovative and doesnt bringing all new user interface,more apps,and sometimes laggy

But still its  a great phone (destroyed by the OS)

it Won TechRadar bestcamera phone in 2010


Nokia 808 PureView (2012)

Nokia suprising us when Nokia 808 PureView (Hyperion) announced at Mobile World Congress 2012 ,after 2 years of Nokia N8 Nokia comes with Surprise!

The 808 is the first to use Nokia’s PureView Pro technology, where a large image is taken then sampled down, giving better image definition and cancelling out any loss of quality caused by digital zoom.

Sadly its very limited production phone,thats why its not selling as good as previous amazing camera phone,its the last ever Symbian device,it comes with Symbian Belle FP1

Nokia 808 PureView won the best device,tablet,or mobile on MWC Awards 2012

Nokia LUMIA 920 (2012)

Few months after Nokia 808 PureView announced,Nokia introduces Nokia Lumia 920,its the first Nokia running on PureView^2,The World first smartphone with OIS and Incredible low light photography,it even beats any Android flagship like Xperia Z,Galaxy S4,HTC One

When Nokia introduce OIS,Those Androids companies like LG,Samsung,Sony,HTC and others start copied them and said this is our innovations but the good news is Nokia already have OIS Generations 2 which available on the New Nokia LUMIA 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 (2013)

Nokia Lumia 1020

There are so many leaks before the Nokia Lumia 1020 announcement in New York,United States but fortunately Elop makes the Announcement of Nokia Lumia 1020 are very Amazing!,i am very impressed with Elop,Juha Alakarhu and Kristina Bjorknass keynote and demonstrating the Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with 41MP camera,OIS Generation 2,f2.2 Aperture,and 6 High Precision ZEISS Lens

I guess eleven years suddenly feels like a long time when you think how far Nokia come since the Nokia 7650’s 0.3 megapixel photos.

So thats or reason why we love Nokia (Part 1)

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Thanks 🙂




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