The Reasons why i Love #Nokia Asha 501

Today I want to tell you about my little experience with #Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501 have an amazing and very cute design it also very durable when I dropped it on the staircase
What I love from Nokia Asha 501 is the Swipe UI and Double Tap to unlock,it clearly reminds me about Nokia N9,I can’t stop swiping the screen and double tapping,its clearly minimalistic,simple,clear,elegant,friendly and easy to use
That’s why @Nokia says Nokia Asha 501 the Smart Pocket Power!

With Nokia Asha 501 you can share files easily and faster than any competitors phone (read cheap Androids) thanks to Nokia Slam it makes my Asha more smarter,easier and faster

The Easy Swap on my Nokia Asha 501 Dual Sim making easier to change/insert Sim cards on My Asha,no other companies have Easy Swap technology

Fastlane,with Fast Lane I can multitask some apps by swiping them,and I can know what the latest notifications,post,and updates from my friends and families on one place,its truly match the connecting people slogan

So that’s my reasons why I love Nokia Asha 501 so much!

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Thanks 🙂


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