Nokia Lumia 625 Rumours timeline

Here’s a time line about Nokia Lumia 625 leaks

-A week before Lumia 925 announced MyNokiaBlog received a leaks from their source talking about large screened device on 6XX Range
-Nokia Lumia 925 Announced Lumia 625 Delayed
-RM 941,RM 942,RM 943 reportedly passed fcc
-11th July Nokia announced Lumia 1020 the first 41MP Windows Phone,still no sign about Lumia 625
-few weeks after Lumia 1020 announcements,Lumia 625 passed certification in China and Indonesia (first report coming from Nokianesia)
-Kauppalehti said Lumia 625 announced tomorrow
-Our source confirmed Lumia 625 coming very soon with very beautiful design and thinner bezels
-Digitimes reported that Nokia increasing orders to Compal for making Lumia 625 around 3-5M units and also few Lumia 1020 to avoid low availability and late to coming to another countries and increasing US sales
-Digitimes reported that Nokia Lumia 625 will priced around $279-329
-Our source reported Nokia Lumia 625 isn’t Lumia 620 successor but a large screened variant
-Our source also reported the Dual Sim variant but he still not quite sure

Developing……….. (This post will be updated as soon as new rumours arrived)

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