Tomi Ahonen mad at Stephen Elop (+ reply to tomi ahonen statements on twitter+ updated post!)

After failed to predict Nokia Q4 2013 results,then BlackBerry and now he really mad because Nokia can makes a 41MP Camera

What Tomi Ahonen said on Twitter

“BTW on Lumia 1020 ? If Elop loves this Camera so much why was he not bragging about same 41MP when on Nokia 808 PureView and Symbian 18 months ago?”

It makes me laughing because Tomi look brainless
At that time when media starting some interview with Elop or Nokia Employee
Nokia Said

“We spending around 5 years to create this amazing smartphone in Symbian operating system and we are focusing on Symbian on that time,and Windows Phone still didn’t exist when Nokia Start developing 808”

Now we are replying why Nokia doesn’t need Android like what Tomi Ahonen said

“Yeah the fastest way for Nokia shareprice to skyrocket,is Elop fired and Nokia announces it will announces Android smartphones”

Now what if Nokia share price will below $1 after that announcements?,abandoning Windows Phone isn’t a good idea right now,nobody will believe Nokia anymore even the OS is Android or etc because they thinking Nokia will abandon the os again

And btw,if Nokia release an Android Phone,Google will never allow Nokia services like HERE Locations services,Nokia Music,TV,Reading and etc,which a features that can differentiate Nokia and competitors too

There are so many Android manufactures,devices and price range

Because of Android,that makes Nokia feels under pressure to makes a very cheap phone with very high specs without sacrificing quality
Android are very laggy that’s why Android manufacturers increasing cores,ghz,and RAM
They looks like un optimised,like bringing Full HD screen and a phone that very large

Here what he said on twitter

“And fastest way for Nokia marketshare to jump to 3rd behind Samsung and Apple is fire Elop and go android”

What if they ended up like HTC,Motorola,And Sony? They’re struggling to find marketshare even their products looks innovative and elegant
And how if Google doesn’t support their financials and throwing money at Nokia? They will go bankrupt faster because in Android world they need to make a cheap phone with so many features

Tomi Ahonen said on twitter that carriers boycotting them,but what about telefonica?,AT&T,and others? They want to support Windows Phone but Tomi said the opposite of it

Tomi ahonen said Nokia was winning with symbian,but actually they most of them are getting disappointed by slow innovations in Symbian meanwhile Android and iOS start eating their marketshare,many of them aren’t satisfied with Symbian at that time,and its true story
With Symbian at that time,so many people said Nokia is old school,they said it laggy and the apps growing very slowly
Even Symbian provides better battery and multitasking but they started to jump to another platform
Nokia needs to make Symbian started from 0,redesign,and marketing them heavily,but they need a lot of money to do that,and it can’t guarantee they will success or not,when Nokia announced partnership with Microsoft people start loving Nokia but on the 1st year after the transition people still know nothing about Lumia and Windows Phone,but in the 2nd year they started to love with Windows Phone,they started to make apps,they’re very satisfied and I am not lying about that!,Lumia sales start hitting record high and marketshare continues to grow

UPDATE: Tomi Ahonen also said Nokia 808 have Micro SD,USB on the go,and HDMI!

Now its time to be more simple and easier to use by using Wireless,with wireless you doesn’t need to bring so many cables to works,play and etc

With Nokia PlayTo and Photobeamer you can watch videos and pictures wirelessly on TV,Tablets,PC,and maybe other phone

For Micro SD you can using SkyDrive which more safer,less viruses,and always updated
People just need to adapt for using Cloud and moving from their ancient wired technology and Micro SD card to the world of Cloud and wireless,its safer,simpler and better

What Microsoft need just reboot the OS,and bring all the features like on other os,bringing file manager,background picture,Windows 8/8.1 like multitasking,picture password,vpn,and etc I believe Windows Phone will very successful on the market

So that’s our reply to Tomi Ahonen statements

If you have your own opinions you can commenting below
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