Nokia Lumia Phablet planned late this year?

Few days ago Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop said there’s a big announcement this year,according to GSMArena source there’s a Windows Phone with Quad Core Snapdragon 800 and Full HD screen on a mysterious phablet
Could be these are what Stephen Elop said about major/big announcement later this year
The Phablet are the second Nokia Flagship with powerful specifications and screen the other one is Lumia 1020 the Nokia Camera phone Flagship

The Lumia Phablet reportedly have 5-6 inch screen with smaller bezel and 4K video recording too with more oversampling on Video

The Phablet also have improved screen and little customised processor to makes the battery consumptions smaller than the previous Lumia,it have GDR 3 too which improve multitasking a bit,battery life,stability,better bluetooth

The Camera maybe around 13-21MP with improved N8 and Lumia 925 sensor/camera


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