Why People start using Windows Phone?

Here’s why people start using a Windows Phone
-Completely fresh design and User interface
-Simple and elegant looking
-all new icons design,unlike the other operating systems icon it still looks like the old Symbian and iOS icons
-Connecting People with families and friends not with just an App like the other OS
-More save and secure
-Not selling user privacy/info like Google does and many open source OS too
-Lesser ads and pop ups
-Fastest growing Application Store
-more efficient battery life
-very stable OS
-no lags
-Microsoft Office making business easier than ever
-Always updated notifications,post and latest news
-no viruses and malwares
-user friendly interface
-very easy to use
-A whole new experience on Applications unlike the others who always copies iOS and Symbian UI
-100% Designed for Windows Phone,not just a half baked Application that ported from another OS especially Androids
-Easier to pay Applications with operator/carriers billing
-Exclusive Apps with Exclusive features that you can’t get it from another platform
-Designed for everybody in every price range

So that’s why people start using Windows Phone and most of them Switching from their old operating System to Windows Phone

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2 thoughts on “Why People start using Windows Phone?

  1. i am a newer user of nokia lumia 620. the last phone i have sony xperia neo L. i very satisfied to nokia lumia 620, more than sony xperia neo L, moreover samsung galaxy ace. simple, user friendly, attractive. -indonesia, f19 years old.

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