Nokia Lumia 925 or Nokia Lumia 1020 Which one should you get? (a complete guide)

Around 7/8 Days again,Nokia will unveil the Nokia 808 Successor it makes people confused what should I get A beautiful Lumia 925 or the mindblowing Nokia Lumia 1020?

So Here’s why the Nokia Lumia 1020 worth more than Lumia 925
-Mind Blowing Camera (41MP vs 8.7MP)
-Variable Aperture (?)
-a cpu and gpu bump (?)
-Nokia Pro Camera (perhaps exclusive for the new Nokia Lumia 1020)
-Larger internal memory 32GB and Maybe 64GB too (there’s 32GB Nokia Lumia 925 but still exclusive on vodafone)
-Better for taking pictures in any light

And Now here’s why you should choose the Nokia Lumia 925 over the Lumia 1020
-Slimmer design
-Slightly lighter
-Refreshed design
-All new materials

So that’s our guide about what Lumia devices should you get,we will changed some info after the official Announcements of the new Nokia Lumia 1020

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