Dual Sim Lumias could be coming this year

The Nokia Dual Sim has been successful with Nokia Asha Devices and now Nokia wants to bring its innovative Easy Swap Dual Sim technology on the next Nokia Lumia,I think Nokia will following samsung strategy to put Dual Sim on every range from Lumia 520 to the highest one

Few months ago Jo Harlow confirmed the Dual Sim Lumias are being prepared because people in emerging markets in India,Indonesia,Malaysia,China,South Africa and etc needs a Dual Sim Lumias,since our first post about Dual Sim Lumias there are so many people from those emerging markets asking more about the Dual Sim Lumias and the search interest are getting higher and higher everyday,thats showing how people really wants a Dual Sim Lumias

Nokia probably release a Dual Sim Lumias on Lumia 520 as first experiment to knowing how big is the demand for Lumia Dual Sim smartphones then if the strategy/experiments are very successful they will taking Dual Sim with Easy Swap technology to a higher range like 620,625(?),720 and etc
It will head to head with Samsung Duos lineup and other Dual Sim Android smartphone

The Announcement can be at the same time when Lumia 1020 unveiled or another event in Q3/Q4 2013

Any opinions? You can write your own opinions below

Thanks 🙂


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