How Nokia Asha 501,Asha 210 and Nokia 301 save Nokia low end smartphone sales?

Few days ago we are working very hard to create a complete analysis about how Nokia Asha 501,Asha 210 and Nokia 301 save Nokia Low End smartphone sales
Now let’s talk about Asha 501 first

Asha 501 delivers a great and durable design which fits perfectly in your pockets and hands,the Nokia Asha 501 comes with Nokia Asha Platform which are truly redesigned,more faster and more efficient than Nokia S40,the Asha Platform combines the MeeGo and Symbian feel on an Asha products,it have double tap to unlock,it have fastlane to get what’s the latest news,post,things,updates and downloads all in one place,it also very colourful which attracts everyone,it have push notifications,pull down notifications to makes you always connected with friends,families,and others its truly perfect for connecting people slogan,the camera are very good,crisp,sharp and detail it makes you love the camera
Nokia Slam makes you can transfer files in a much faster way,simpler and also saver
Very High battery life,the Nokia Asha 501 comes with 40 days standby and its the largest phone standby at the same price range,it comes with free facebook access and 40 EA games,it have Wifi too
Nokia Asha 501 comes with Nokia Xpress NOW it have 90%cheaper internet!
The price also very affordable just $99 ($85 in some pre orders) it makes it will sell like hot cakes

Now let’s continue our analysis with Nokia Asha 210

The Nokia Asha 210 are very stylish and colourful its perfect for you if you’re a heavy whatsapp and facebook user because it have whatsapp button and also facebook button in selected countries,it looks quite slim and the design fits perfectly in our hands,the Qwerty buttons are very comfortable,it makes you can write/type anything faster,the battery life are very high too,the Asha 210 also have Nokia Slam and Nokia Voice Assisted Camera as same as Nokia Asha 501,you can share to your friends on facebook and twitter easily it also very affordable just $69-79

The third one is Nokia 301 the affordable 3G Smartphone

Nokia 301 comes with 3G networks it looks like a cheaper version of Nokia Asha 300,Nokia 301 candybar design are truly perfect for who wants a phone with 3 rows of keyboard,its very colourful,it have Nokia Slam the back reminds me of Nokia Lumia design same as Asha 501 and Asha 210,the performance are very stable it makes people can do anything without lags like Android,it comes with Nokia Nearby for finding nearest places as same as Asha 501 and Asha 210,it can play youtube videos too,the battery life are very high
The price just $75-$83 it makes cheap Android phone are in a serious attack!

After describing the features of those phones here’s why they can protect the Nokia Low End smartphone sales

-Competitive prices from $69 (Asha 210) to $99 (Asha 501)
-Affordable 3G phone (Nokia 301)
-Amazing and elegant design
-Innovative Nokia services
-All famous chatting apps available
-80-90% cheaper internet with Nokia Xpress
-Multitasking (Asha 501)
-Swipe Gestures (Asha 501)
-colourful design
-removable battery
-Lumia like back covers
-innovative and colourful accessories
-very durable
-Easy Swap exchange sim cards without removing the battery
-it have Dual Sim version

So that’s our complete analysis
If you have your opinions,something to share or ask something
You can write down in the comments section below
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Thanks 🙂


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