Nokia Lumia 520 or 800? The complete Guide!

There are so many people asking which are more better between the Nokia Lumia 520 or The Nokia Lumia 800
So today we write about which phone are suits to you

Here’s the list
Nokia Lumia 800 over Lumia 520
-Sharper and crisper screen
-ClearBlack display
-8MP camera with Carl Zeiss lenses
-Curved gorilla glass
-slightly better design
-Bigger Internal memory
-Dual LED Flash

Nokia Lumia 520 over Lumia 800
-Windows Phone 8=better support and brighter future,more apps,and faster
-slightly better battery life
-Slimmer and lighter even it have larger screen
-large 4 inch screen
-Dual Core processor
-Micro SD
-removable battery
-slightly cheaper/maybe same price points

Our conclusions for who wants an amazing design,durability and camera but doesn’t care about its future,updates and etc you can go for Nokia Lumia 800
But for who wants a brighter future,micro SD card slot,removable battery,faster processor,and also larger screen we recommend Nokia Lumia 520

Any opinions? You can write your own opinions below

Thanks 🙂


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