Why Nokia 701 are much better than Xperia J

Today its time for us to post why Nokia 701 are much better than Sony Xperia J

#1 Symbian OS,Symbian Always known as the most stable OS,battery life and incredible multitasking,it more secure and a fresh new UI compared to Android which looks like old fashioned ui,Android are very unstable,laggy,and very bad battery life (that’s why Android needs an 4K mAh battery on their Android powered phone)

#2 A much better screen,with the whole new technology on Nokia 701 it makes people easier to see the screen under the direct sunlight,amazing,crisp,and vividly colourful Screen makes we want to do everything on the phone

#3 Much better design,with the Premium feel of the Nokia 701 makes it way better than Xperia J,Nokia 701 are very slim,and very durable too

#4 Nokia Maps and Drive,With Nokia Maps and Drive it makes you can find places,and arrived at the directions easily and friendly,its totally free,and far more detail than Google Maps

#5 Much better camera,with 8MP camera which also delivers a crisp,sharp and natural feel,it makes we want to capture more and more photos

So that’s why nokia 701 are far much better than Sony Xperia J
Any opinions? You can write down your opinions below

Thanks 🙂


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