Here’s why you should choose Nokia Lumia 620 over Sony Xperia M

Nokia Lumia series are getting popular day by day,people love getting Lumias and more satisfied than Android users
Today we will describing why Nokia Lumia 620 better than Sony Xperia M

#1 Screen,Nokia Lumia 620 are far more sharper and more detail dan Sony Xperia M,it also have Clearblack display which makes we can see the phone clearly under the direct sunlight,the Lumia 620 screen are very close to the reality and more natural than Xperia M

#2 Operating System,Nokia Lumia 620 using Windows Phone 8 which are very different than Android OS,Windows Phone are far more unique,smooth,and stable than Android
-Live Tiles with Live Tiles you can know what’s the latest notifications in real time,it also a unique way to accessing notifications faster,unlike Android who always have an old fashioned way to know what’s the latest notifications
-a whole new way to search,Bing search are far more accurate,fast,and secure compared to Google,when I ask google to find something,the results aren’t accurate like my expectations
-Higher Quality Apps,Windows Phone probably have a smaller amount of apps than Google Play store but it doesn’t mean there’s no top apps on Windows Phone,Microsoft are working very hard to adds more apps with high quality,not just submitting all unfinished/half baked apps like Google did with their play store to catch up Apple App Store amount of apps
-More efficient battery,with windows phone,the battery are far more stable and efficient than Android phones
-No more lags and ads on Windows Phone

#3 Nokia HERE Locations services
With Nokia HERE locations services on Nokia Lumia smartphones you can find places faster and accurate
-HERE City Lens to make us know what’s the interesting places near our locations,it makes us like a local in unknown places,it have unique way to find places
-HERE Maps it can be totally offline and totally free unlike Google who said it free but slowly wasting our money,HERE maps are far more accurate and detail than Google Maps,that’s why those largest and luxurious car makers using Nokia HERE Maps than Google Maps,it also have indoor mapping too,we can see street traffic on our Lumia phone
-HERE Drive/Drive+
With HERE Drive+ there’s a totally offline and free turn by turn navigations,it can estimates how much time we need to arrive at our directions
-HERE Transit/Transport to make we can know public transportation easier,faster and accurate

#4 Nokia Camera Services
With Nokia Camera Apps we can create something new in photography,edit and share easily
-Nokia Glam Me,you can capture and edit your own faces with so many choices and filters
-Nokia SmartCamera create a cinema like shoot,truly simple and amazing,you also can share it to any social network do you have
-Nokia SmartShoot you can edit their faces easily and removes object easily
-Nokia Cinemagraph making gif shots in entirely new way,simple,and easy to use

#5 Rich Recording with Nokia and Dolby technology together they create a whole new technology that’s making your recording and music experience to entirely new way,its very loud,clear,and crisp quality

#6 Microsoft Services and office
-Blink create and amazing burst shot
-Office you can edit/create a whole new documents
-SkyDrive you can upload all the files and documents in cloud
-Share Point and office 365 to create a more secure and faster business
-Outlook a whole new way of email experience
-Local scout be a local in a new places/unknown places

So that’s why Nokia Lumia 620 are much better than Sony Xperia M


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