Where’s the All new design Lumia?

After viewing ViziLeaks photo I see there’s no significant design changes after the N9 and Lumia 800,and I am not impressed by the Nokia Lumia 925 design too 😦
After the Lumia 800 nokia continuing same design with little improvements like Lumia 900,Lumia 920,Lumia 720,Lumia 928 that’s why I think Nokia need a whole new design so people will stop saying boring design and etc
I know apple and samsung still having same design the worst is samsung they putting same ugly designed phone in every range

Around 1 year ago we see an early True PureView upcoming concept by Nokia it looks like X6 a bit but truly redesigned and feels amazing in hands,when Nokia ready to announce Lumia 920 I wish that design will be used in Lumia 920,but the results is still same design but at least they’re beautiful then they continued it in Lumia 928 I was disappointed and Lumia 925 seems very disappointing for me,I love the white Lumia 925 but I don’t like the other colours and again huge bezel I think Nokia should release Lumia 925 in 100 % Aluminium body than half Aluminium and half polycarbonate
Soon Nokia EOS/Elvis will looks like Lumia 920 but totally slimmer
I am worried if Nokia ran out of innovations in design
We really need a much improved and whole new design
It will attract more consumers,buyers,and former symbian and meego fans

Any opinions?
Share it below
Thanks 🙂


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