Nokia Lumia 925 coming to Indonesia in Q3/Q4

Nokianesia has been reported that Nokia Lumia 925 will arrived in Indonesia in end Q3 or early Q4 2013
Indonesia as you know its very important countries because Nokia still no #1 there and everyone believe in Nokia because of its durability,customer care,battery life,camera and also helps girls/woman to be more productive in Indonesia
That’s why its important for Nokia to release all the latest Smartphones and mobile phones faster in Indonesia if they doesn’t want samsung take the crown btw from the latest data results in Indonesia,Indonesian local brands already outselling samsung even samsung investing very much in promotions
Nokia Asha and Lumia are lovely products,everyone love those new smartphone lineup,Nokia always been competitive last quarter

Any opinions? You can share it below
We also wants to redesign our blog for a while so we are very sorry if there’s some troubles from our blog

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