Say hello to the new Nokia Lumia 925! Start selling on Germany,More countries to follow

Nokia finally released a press release about Lumia 925 from today Nokia Lumia 925 hit the germany stores
Nokia Lumia 925 also have Glance Screen feature with better lockscreen notifications and double tap to unlock
It have FM Radio too
Nokia Lumia 925 comes with white,grey and black colours if you don’t like the colours you can buy wireless charging covers (probably for free in some stores/online retailer)
Nokia Lumia 925 is the worlds first phone to have 6 lens on a smartphone it have amazing low light shot much better than Galaxy S4,One,Xperia Z,iPhone 5 too
It have Optical Image Stabilisation,its perfect for who have a shaky hands/conditions
The performance are very smooth,stable and fast
Soon it will comes to India,china,uk,france,and netherlands market

So what are you waiting for?
Grab it NOW!

Any opinions share it below
Thanks 🙂


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