Rumour about 2013 Nokia Lumia Smartphone roadmap

We have been collecting sources data and info about Nokia Lumia phones roadmap in 2013 since 5 days ago and today its time to telling you about Lumia roadmap and timeline in Q2-Q4 2013
#1 Nokia Lumia 925 start selling at few countries in June-July and will expanding the availability at more markets in Q3 2013
Nokia Lumia 925 has been no #1 at Expansys one of many largest online retailer,and Nokia Lumia 925 is the most popular pre orders phone beatung the newly released blackberry Q10,Galaxy S4,and HTC One
And looks like the impact after doing some advertisements in TV,Magazine,Newspaper start showing up+ the exclusive deal with Man Of Steel Movie
#2 Nokia EOS AT&T caught in internal servers and radar,Nokia EOS AT&T probably have 768X1280 screen resolutions,with 4G connectivity,EOS probably bringing an improved hardware
Nokia EOS to be the worlds first Lumia with very high/large sensor
#3 Nokia Lumia Alphaman,Nokia Lumia Max has been tested and probably launch at the same time with Elvis/EOS or separate even Lumia Alphaman probably a Lumia 625 for the US markets,it reportedly have 4G LTE and 2000 mAh battery with very large screen 4.7 inch it also heading to AT&T,Verizon,and Sprint but we don’t know will they start selling on those 3 carriers or another exclusivity again
Lumia Max is the Lumia Alphaman for worldwide it have 4G for 4G countries outside US and 3G for the countries who doesn’t have 4G connectivity,those phones have same specs but just different cellular mode like 3G/4G start selling in Q3 probably

#4 Phablets there are some phablets that already being testing by internal Nokia people,Adduplex also seeing this mysterious high end device/maybe that’s Lumia max/eos
But many sources said the phablet will come at next Nokia event on somewhere around September/October
And it will be the first Nokia phablet,NPU source also saying the same
It probably have around 13-21MP cameras and very large display and maybe will hit the markets at the same time/before Galaxy Note 3 arrived it also have GDR 3 update
Another phablet also being prepared by Nokia in around february/march,MWC possibly? It probably have the all new Lytro camera technology
Nokia Lumia 910 also being prepared
In mid/end 2014 we might see the first phone with graphene and Nokia will create futuristic device (but that’s if nokia doesn’t delay graphene device that what information that we got from our sources)
Our sources can’t say anything about the new p2i all new waterproof technology and solar charging because they can’t test future devices for a long tim,but they can confirm if nokia are working very hard to add those features in upcoming Lumia smartphones

Any opinions? You can share it below,don’t forget to spread this news everywhere,No pressure


(We can’t guarantee all those info are 100% correct so its up to you if you want to believe it or not 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Rumour about 2013 Nokia Lumia Smartphone roadmap

  1. I’ve seen three new devices.

    Lumia “EOS” – The leaks are accurate
    Lumia Phablet – 6″ 2.35ghz Quad-core
    and a 6xx or 7xx series Lumia – mid-range to be under $300

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