The reasons why Nokia 603 better than cheap androids?

Symbian,The most legendary OS in the world and holding Mobile OS crown for a very long time
Symbian always known for its stability and battery life,easy to customise,hacks,cracking,and etc
Today we posting about Why Nokia 603 better than cheap androids?
Here’s what Android can’t do but Nokia 603 with Symbian can do it

-Very Stable OS even on low specifications
-Much better and stable battery life
-Can run many type files
-Microsoft Office ready
-Simpler and richer user interface
-Faster and Optimised OS
-Better Low Light camera (compared with Sony Xperia Sola,Galaxy Ace 2,Sony Xperia J,Motorola Defy,Galaxy Mini 2)
-Smooth app transition
-light weight os
-totally free Nokia Maps,Drive Locations services,also works totally off-line
-Cute icons
-More Durable
-it have colourful covers
-better screen,bright,crisp,and looks like Real even under the direct sunlight
-Rich Recording

So that’s why Nokia 603 are much better than those mid range/low end androids

Any opinions? Share it below
Thanks 🙂


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