3 versions of Nokia Tablet reportedly being tested in AT&T,Verizon and few countries

After Nokia EOS being tested on AT&T but Nokia Tablet also being tested
There are 3 tablets which being tested
#1 a 7/8 Inch Windows RT (with Windows Blue probably) one with Wifi only and one with Cellular (3G/4G)
#2 a 10 inch Windows RT blue same as the 7/8 inch version it also have Wifi only and 3G/4G version
#3 a 10 inch Windows 8/8.1 tablet
With Wifi Only and 3G/4G version

Our tipper said the 3rd tablet
Have FullHD/2K display,it probably have PureMotion and clear black technology,its slim,light weight,and long lasting battery life,amazing back camera,and have 1.3-3mp front camera

The 2nd and 1st tablet to have HD+ display/FullHD display,it also slim and light weight,it carries clearblack and PureMotion too
1.3-2mp front camera

He said 2 major us carriers AT&T and Verizon start testing them + some operators outside US

So what’s your opinion?
Share it below 🙂


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