Nokia Sales reportedly jumping this Quarter (Q2 2013)


Nokia plans to release Q2 2013 Results
Our tipper said Nokia Lumia sales jumps and hit records meanwhile RBC says the opposite just for making Nokia Conditions even worst!
So don’t believe those fake report the Lumia sales jump even higher and will beat the expectations sooner thanks with the help of Nokia Lumia 928,925,720,521,520 who makes Nokia Sales even higher
Summer is an important season to gains more consumers and marketshare
Nokia Asha 501 also Ready to launch very soon and it will sell like hot cakes!
Nokia Feature Phone division also get a boost from Nokia 105 and 301 which so beautiful at Amazing price points
Nokia Current Asha devices like Nokia Asha 2XX and 3XX series who just got a price cuts making the sales also jumps
Nokia Here Division also reducing the loss and probably will make little profits
Nokia Launch Nokia Music+ Services at more countries making nokia could earn more money than selling symbian phones

Our Tipper said Nokia Smartphone division will sell around 7.1-7.7 M (Symbian and Lumia combined)
About Asha and Feature Phone he seems not quite sure about it

Left your opinions below


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