Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4



The fresh designed Nokia Lumia 925 vs the boring design Galaxy S4
See how Lumia 925 will stack up with Galaxy S4
#1 The Design
Nokia Lumia 925 have Aluminium Frame and front makes it more durable,it have polycarbonate black so people can carry Lumia 925 so comfortable,it so light weight and slim,meanwhile Galaxy S4 which is thinner than Lumia 925 offers plasticky design,which more fragile and easily to break,it have uncool colours,it feels slippery and not comfortable to use

Winner: Nokia Lumia 925

#2 Screen
The Lumia 925 have a brighter and clearer display than Samsung Galaxy S4 even Galaxy S4 have Full HD display and new Super Amoled Technology,the Lumia 925 also offers PureMotionHD+ the worlds fastest screen technology,faster than any screen we ever seen

Winner: tie

#3 The Operating System

Nokia Lumia 925 have Windows Phone operating system who bring fresh and uniqueness in the markets,it have total integration between Microsoft services Like Office,Office 365,Share Point,Sky Drive,Outlook and also integrated easily on Windows PC make your works done faster,it have Live Tiles so you can know what’s the latest notifications,news,post,comments and etc right on your start screen it makes you always updated,if you’re a heavy email user you can make the tiles larger but if you aren’t heavy email user you can make the tile smaller but still receiving notifications,its a new way to access latest information in your palm of your hands,right now Windows Phone have over 150,000 apps for works,play,and socialize it grows faster and faster everyday it have fastest growing App Store,if you want to know what’s your closest friends post you can see it in your people hub it fast and always connected,it have whole new Applications Interface making you will go out from those old icons like iOS,it so smooth even on low specifications Windows Phone,it shows how optimised Windows Phone is
In Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean even samsung Galaxy S4 have 8 Cores but it doesn’t mean it will deliver amazing performance but we think its the opposite of it,the Galaxy S4 looks very slow than we thought,People think with 8 Cores on Galaxy S4 people will get amazing performance but its wrong,we’ve been tested the Galaxy S4 sometimes it hangs/lags even we just play some light weight games like Angry Birds,Temple run or Fruit Ninja and etc
And then the memory quickly drained up same as the battery,it seems the battery are very unstable probably its the effect from it useless features,while we testing S4 it can’t open few apps,it can open actually but its so easy to crashing meanwhile on Lumia 925 the app will run very smoothly and stable,it fast and makes we love it more,Android probably have so many apps than Windows Phone but it doesn’t mean there’s no top apps on windows phone,in Windows Phone most of the apps are high quality compared to google play store it looks like google accepting all unfinished Applications so they can beat iOS number of applications,there are so much ads in Android apps compared to Windows Phone it have lesser ads and no pop ups ads like Android did

Winner: Nokia Lumia 925

#4 Mapping
In Mapping category Nokia is totally a clear Winner because of HERE Locations services
Like HERE maps as example it more updated,and show a true detail of a place and whole place in the world,the google maps can’t be like that
Here Drive+ is totally have an off-line services meanwhile google said we also offline but you still have to pay for it so its not true offline and sadly so many people believe it,Nokia HERE Drive+ can predict how much time do you need for arriving at the directions
HERE transit makes you easily find people transportation near you and you will love the app
HERE City lens explore the place near you with interesting places,important places,finding religious places,restaurant,hotels and etc you also can share it on your social network
Meanwhile Google Maps doesn’t have that feature and seems not good
Winner: Nokia Lumia 925

#5 Camera and Camera App+Editor
Nokia Lumia 925 have PureView technology which amazingly can take sharp photos easily and take amazing photos in low light,even it just have 8.7 MP camera it doesn’t mean it will lose against Galaxy S4 camera which seems ungood and unatural,Nokia Lumia 925 is the worlds first smartphone with 6 element lens+ Carl Zeiss optics making it way better than Samsung Galaxy S4 13 MP camera even it have 13 mp camera their low light are so poor,and it seems un focused easily like Lumia 925 or even Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia with Smartcamera are very amazing it captures cinema like shot and captures more than your eyes can see
Cinemagraph you can create your own amazing gif shot,it way better than just gif shot,you can edit and share easily too
SmartShoot remove objects,and edit them easily,you can change their face emotion
Glam Me an amazing photo editor if you capture your face via front camera

Samsung copied some feature like Drama Shot as example actually Lumia have it first with burton app,Nokia SmartCamera still much better than Drama Shot on Galaxy S4
Winner: Nokia Lumia 925
#6 Wireless Charging,the Wireless Charging accessories on Nokia is far more innovative and so many kinds of it like car wireless charger,charging plate,fatboy,JBL power up,charging stand meanwhile S4 just have single accessories

Winner: Nokia Lumia 925

Disclosure: We think Lumia 925 have far better features and speed than Galaxy S4,it way cheaper,more innovative,elegant,more durable and far better camera of course but the final decision is in your hands what device who are perfect for you 🙂 we will never pressuring you

If you have opinions you can share it below,we will appreciate your opinions,or opinions that can make this blog even better

Thanks 🙂

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