Nokia lumia 520 vs sony xperia j part 2

If you havent check out our dogfight,please scroll back and check out part 1.In this video,we compare the 2 phones app performance.
The nokia lumia 520 blow the sony xperia j into pieces due to the advantage in specs but same price.In some cases,the nokia lumia 520 finish a whole half a minute before the xperia j.The gaming performance of the 520 is also better than the xperia j.For example the game call gravity guy,the xperia j take its own sweet time to load and have a frame rate that you could count,way behind what the nokia lumia 520 can offer.
In terms of the camera,the nokia lumia 520 with the xperia j with its purpurish and over sharpen photos.The photos of the xperia j has lots of noise artefacts and you basically cant see a thing in the low light picture provide.The low light photo from the lumia 520 is pretty bright but it came with the price of noise and blurry image when you zoom it.Overall,the nokia lumia 520 has a much better camera than the sony xperia j.
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