Rumours: New Amazing apps on Windows Phone !

Windows Phone store probably have lesser apps than both Android and iOS app store but it doesn’t mean you can’t get top apps+games
Now here’s the information from anonymous who claimed he know these apps are on development,so take it as pinch of salt
#1 Path,the path ceo already confirming that path on Windows Phone are in works they work hard to make path on Windows Phone totally different than Path on Android and iOS
#2 Pinterest,now people start using pinterest and the community growing larger,Pinterest looks like the fastest growing social network (via statcounter) and gains marketshare faster and bigger,the source said pinterest and the unofficial pinterest app already in works and should be on Windows Phone store this year,Pinterest on Windows Phone will bring exclusive features and new look
#3 Vine,vine is getting popular on iOS when it was launched few times ago,both unofficial and official app already in works the unofficial Vine app will coming sooner than the official app,it also bring ultimate/deep integration on Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform
#4 Instagram reportedly also on works and it will be marked as Lens on Windows Phone + deep integration on Windows Phone and Windows 8
#5 other apps like pheed and keek probably coming on Windows Phone too
#6 More games like Real Racing 3,Temple Run 2,OZ,Brave,subway surfers,Angry Birds friends,jetpack joyride and etc also reportedly on works to enter Windows Phone store and maybe Windows 8 too

Share your opinions at the comments section below 🙂


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