The reasons why you should choose Nokia Lumia 925 over Apple iPhone 5



Here’s the reasons why you should choose the Aluminium Nokia Lumia 925 over Apple iPhone 5
#1 The screen,Nokia Lumia 925 have a gorgeous screen and amazing sharpness it have PureMotionHD+ which is the fastest ever screen,it have Clearblack display so you can see your Lumia 925 clearly even in direct sunlight,it makes the pictures,game and videos looks life like
Unlike the Retina Display on Apple iPhone 5 its over saturated,unnatural,and unreal
#2 Design
Nokia Lumia 925 is so simply elegant phone with aluminium frame and polycarbonate back,its truly elegant and bringing new design approach in Nokia families meanwhile the iPhone 5 still using same old and boring design for their iPhone line-ups,Nokia Lumia 925 probably thicker than iPhone 5 but Nokia Lumia 925 in a slim profile it have an amazing durability unlike iPhone 5 they’re sacrificing the slim ness of their phone rather than have better durability
925 looks so colourful and seems eat able 😛
#3 Camera
When it comes to camera,apple it just a fruit,Apple iPhone 5 camera couldn’t beat the legendary Nokia N8 which are released in 2010
Nokia Lumia 925 have the WORLD FIRST with 6 Element lens with Carl Zeiss Optics and wide aperture larger than iPhone 5 camera,iPhone 5 doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilisation unlike Lumia 925 it have OIS for better stability and sharper camera
#4 Nokia HERE Locations services
With Nokia HERE Maps which are much better than Apple Maps always making people lost their directions
Nokia HERE city lens help me to find new places near my area
Nokia HERE Live Sight find newest places and interesting places
Nokia HERE Parking which make us can savely park our vehicle
Nokia HERE Transport/Transit make us can know our transportation and services
Nokia HERE Drive+ truly offline,no ads or pop up and fast,turn by turn navigations and always updated
#5 iPhone 5 doesn’t have Wireless charging meanwhile Nokia Lumia 925 have wireless charging so you can charge it wirelessly and magically,it have colourful wireless charging covers
#6 lesser price than iPhone 5 but better with just €ur469 (doesn’t include tax+subsidies) meanwhile iPhone 5 is €ur 599
#7 Nokia Photography App like Panorama which is simple and easy to use
Nokia Cinemagraph to make our picture to move
Nokia Smartshoot you can delete the object do you want
Nokia Smartcamera you can create drama like shots
Blink an amazing burst shot apps
Photosynth amazing panorama app which are very mindblowing
#8 Windows Phone 8 OS
With Live Tiles you can see what’s the latest notifications,news and app updates
Its truly simple and a whole new way to access your informations in real time,fast,and simple making you closer with families,friends,and etc
Its elegant no more ads or pop up,fast,smooth and always connected
Xbox Live all of the games are high Quality and more lighter than Android/iOS apps
Meanwhile iPhone still continuing their boring transition makes people slowly doesn’t like it
The fastest growing Apps and Marketshare making the ecosystem larger and better
Internet Explorer its a fast and optimised web browser,iOS still stuck with that boring designed browser
It have MS office integration,sharepoint,office365 and share it in skydrive and outlook email app
It makes businessman love Lumia than other products

People actually just adapt something new and move from old icons to modern ui a new ui that changes everything 🙂
That’s why its time for #Switch from something old,boring even the other os have real multitasking but they still stuck in old way,old design ui and etc

You can share your opinions in the comments sections below 🙂


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