Nokia lumia 520 vs sony xperia j part 1

In this video,its a dog fight between 2 low to mid range device from 2 os.Its is wp8 vs android jellybean.
In terms of price,the sony xperia j is a tad more expensive than Nokia lumia 520 as it has slightly higher resolution screen.In the specs,Nokia lumia 520 wins the sony xperia j due to the minimum requirement set by microsoft for wp8.Having 1 more core than xperia j and a much better gpu.Build quality wise is a tied.Sony xperia j material do feel better but it design made it not so comfortable to hold well the lumia might not have the most inspiring design,it is comfortable to hold.
Both phone is easy to use single-handed.

Browser on the nokia lumia 520 is better than the sony xperia j to say the least.The chrome browser run terrible on phones that has medicore processor and does not support flash but neither do the wp8 browser.
Which os is better?In terms of smoothness,there no competition between the 2.In terms of functions,android have the upper hand.Without talking about apps,we call it a tie here.
To know how each of them stake up in comparision,check out the video
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