Nokia Lumia 520 Why its worth buying



Today we  are posting about why Nokia Lumia 520 are worth for the money

#1 Beautiful crafted design with elegance inside and outside,its slim and feels good in hands its the best smartphone design at that price range,made from matte back it feels smooth and durable
#2 The amazing screen with IPS display and supersensitive touch screen it makes you can touch the phone with hammer,pencil,nails,pen,gloves and etc
#3 The Most advanced mapping technology
Nokia Here Maps help you to explore the world easily and full of detail unlike google maps who cares about money over quality
Here Maps have a true offline mapping unlike google maps it usually eat your money,it have 3D mapping too
Nokia Here Drive/Drive+ get directions faster,predicted how long we will arrive at the place,it easy to use,simple and clean user interface
Nokia Here Transit/Transport make it easier to find bus stations,railway stations,directions and etc
With Nokia Here location services it makes easier for you to find places,get directions,find interesting places
#4 Windows Phone 8,with windows phone 8 platform you can know what’s the latest news,post,and notifications at Live Tiles/Start Screen,it more personal social experience which can makes your friends look closer,you can share one post to twitter,facebook,LinkedIn and whole social network faster,if there’s an app that so important you can pin it on the start screen and drag or resize the tiles on the start screen its easy and simple,the notifications always updated so you can see everything in real time!,with Windows Phone you can create room at people hub,and makes you don’t worry if your kids using your phones with kids corner
True Microsoft Office and Services integration makes your works done faster and easier there’s all Microsoft office services,share point,Office 365
You can share and save the files in the cloud via SkyDrive its free,fast,and beautiful UI you can also share the files on Outlook its better than Google Mail
Internet Explorer makes the world looks smaller,with Internet Explorer you can search,browse,and see everything faster,simpler,and rich
With Internet Explorer it much lesser ads compared to google chrome on Android which contains a lot of malware ads
Internet Explorer also much optimised even in a slow network,share the bookmarks and web files on your Windows pc,Windows Tablet,and another windows phone (coming soon in upcoming updates)
Bing Services like Bing Translator makes you can translate and spell it easily with your phone,its more accurate and perfectly unlike S translator/google translate its not accurate and sometimes misleading
Bing Vision translate other language in books,movie and also scan QR code and etc
Bing search,search everything without limit,also integrated with lock screen
Local Scout see what’s near you and be local even in unknown places
Share your files everywhere faster and simpler
Blink! An ultimate burst shot,its an innovative features
With windows phone there’s no lag and crashing
#5 Nokia Photography App
With Nokia Photography App you can edit and fix the picture
Nokia Cinemagraph create an amazing GIF shot,makes your image becomes live
Nokia SmartCamera (coming in Amber update probably) its a simple and elegant apps it looks like Drama picture
Nokia SmartShoot you can remove object,unwanted people,things and etc + you can share it easily
Nokia Glam Me create a perfect shot of your own face,edit easily,crop and done!
#2InstaWithLove an amazing photo sharing apps to makes intagram developers makes the apps on Windows Phone,it have so many features and filters
#6 very Long battery life,stable and more efficient power consumption

So that’s why Nokia Lumia 520/521 are very worth to buy its affordable,simple and elegant

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4 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 520 Why its worth buying

  1. I differ with many people right here; I found this blog post I couldn’t stop until I completed, even although it wasn’t just what I had been searching for, was nonetheless a pleasant study although. I will instantly get your blog feed to stay in touch of any updates.

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