Nokia EOS one of two Lumia Monsters!

Nokia will making 2 new killer device with killer camera,processor,and screen resolutions
One of them called EOS
Nokia EOS is a phone that combines whole new camera technology,the most advanced camera algorithms,and the most advanced camera apps,Nokia EOS are perfect for Camera Phone lovers who doesn’t like DSLR,SLR portability with those digital camera its too heavy and not user friendly
Nokia EOS is slimmer than 808 as slim as 920 in the hump but in another side its totally slim and lighter than Lumia 920,it makes people love to use it,it have better CPU and GPU
And same screen size and resolutions as Lumia 920,925,928

It has camera pro app
And probably variable aperture?
It have much better and improved OIS
Better video recording
Polycarbonate body
It have whole new features
Comes in white,red,black,cyan version (rumours)
4G LTE support
Micro HDMI support
Micro SD support
Heading to ATT and Sprint (probably) in US Market,the global version also coming
Launch this summer and start selling likely in Q3 2013
Probably have Quad Core Snapdragon 800 and 3.1K mAh battery?
First waterproof Lumia?
41MP ?
Solar Charging?
It also have lens covers to protect the camera


8 thoughts on “Nokia EOS one of two Lumia Monsters!

  1. now I know from your other news 😉 thanks anyway!!

    So opposed to all rumours outside, there only will be one great EOS not two versions or a later coming version or what else, right? Wouldn’t make too much sense to offer two different ones… I think they are all talking about the old rumours where two eos were tested…
    We just need one great outstanding EOS hopefully with solar charging and waterproof, a real Monster!

    There’s just one question left, I can’t imagine that this EOS will come first to the USA in july and then 3 month later to the rest of the world, think that’s only for the USA and rest of USA market, not worldwide, isn’t it?
    Big thanks, great blog, keep it up!!
    Have a nice weekend…

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