Nokia Lumia 928 Hit The stores tomorrow! The reasons why its worth to buy

Nokia to start selling Nokia Lumia 928 in whole Verizon,Microsoft,and Nokia retail stores around United States
Nokia Lumia 928 comes with :
Optical Image Stabilization
Dual Core Snapdragon Processor
Xenon Flash
GDR 2.0
Slimmer and Lighter than Lumia 920
Comes in Black and White colors (more colours coming soon)
Why its worth buying? Here’s the list

#1 The worlds best Camera Technology #PureView
The PureView on Nokia Lumia 928 makes you could take perfect low light and day light shots even clearer but not over saturated like iPhone,Galaxy,or Xperia
With Lumia 928 even it just have 8.7MP but the results are much better than Galaxy S4,XperiaZ,HTC One,and Apple myPhone5
The Xenon Flash are really helpful for who loves a camera phone,truly bright and natural colours or results

#2 The worlds most Amazing audio with Dolby Rich Recording and improved stereo
Improved clarity and details,amazing HAAC Mics too

#3 The worlds most advanced Mapping technology
With Nokia HERE Maps its truly detail and makes people easier to find the directions,unlike googleyy Maps who always makes people lost and got accident
With Nokia HERE City lens it makes people easier to find nearby places easily and friendly,share and call the places,you also can find interesting places,restaurant,gas stations,hotels,malls and etc
With Nokia HERE transport/transit you can get how much time I will be on places/directions,how much energy and etc
With Nokia HERE Drive+ you can make directions faster,secure,and details,its totally free unlike Google Navigations its makes more people got lost,and not as detail as Nokia HERE Drive,more countries and fast
With Nokia HERE Parking it easier to park your vehicles,cars,bike,and motorbike

#4 Amazing Design and Screen
Even Nokia #Lumia928 doesn’t have a full HD screen but it have better displays than those FullHD Androids phone
With PureMotionHD+ which is the fastest display ever,faster than any screen technology out there
It have super sensitive touch screen so you can use gloves,pencil,pen,hammer and etc
With ClearBlack Display you will get Amazing display under the direct sunlight unlike other smartphone brands
Its slim slimmer than Lumia 920 and lighter too
It have built in Wireless Charging
Its so durable even more durable than Galaxy S4 or other smartphones out there

#5 Live Tiles and Windows Phone

With Live Tiles the best User Interface in the world you don’t need buggy launcher or makes your battery drain a lot because of widgets
With Live Tiles its truly Live,See your notifications and what’s new faster,easier,and friendly
You can see the latest friends post,photos,activity,notifications without any widget anymore
Windows Phone 8 is so smooth and elegant looking than any other os which is boring with their iOS like icons
It have a different ui on Apps it looks faster and smoother than iOS like UI which is old fashioned and boring

#6 Microsoft Services Integration
With Microsoft Office,Lync,share point,SkyDrive,Outlook you can share your office files easily to anyone,create business integration faster and further share there see here,quick acess for files and etc

#7 Amazing Nokia Services
There are so many Nokia services outside mapping there’s Nokia Music+ to play Music and mix easily
Nokia Reading,read books easily and faster
Nokia SmartShoot Remove and edit objects in photography
Nokia SmartCamera Amazing and detail shots it looks like a burst shot and etc (coming in Nokia/Windows Phone Amber update)
Nokia TV stream TV easily and quicker
Nokia Xpress,browse fast and save your data More!

Thanks for reading that’s why #Lumia928 worth for the money!

Share this to everyone 🙂


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