The Battle of Affordable Phones: Nokia Asha 501 VS Sony Xperia Tipo

Today we are posting about Nokia Asha 501 vs Sony Xperia Tipo
#1 Design
Nokia Asha 501 Design looks more colourful and durable than Xperia Tipo,meanwhile Xperia Tipo looks boring but still elegant the have different design language
But we still choose Asha 501 over Xperia Tipo design,xperia tipo also thicker than Asha 501
Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#2 Camera
Both have same Mega pixels but Nokia Asha 501 have a much better result than Xperia Tipo camera
In Daylight and lowlight it seems Nokia Asha 501 still better than Xperia Tipo camera,they have their own camera mode,Nokia Asha 501 have voice assisted camera so you can shoot your own face easily

Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#3 Mapping
Nokia offering Nokia Maps on Nokia Asha 501 meanwhile Xperia Typo have Google Maps on it in many areas Google Maps aren’t so detail,it makes people lose their directions and makes people got lost
Unlike Nokia Maps on Nokia Asha 501 its simple,and just a swipe away for getting directions,find out interesting places easily and makes people feels easier using it

Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#4 Battery
Even Sony Xperia tipo have a larger battery than Asha 501 it doesn’t mean Xperia Tipo can beats Nokia Asha 501 battery easily,Nokia Asha 501 offers better battery performance than Xperia Tipo which is unstable battery life
Nokia Asha 501 have a better battery life thanks to Nokia Software stability meanwhile Android always unstable
Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#5 Apps,Sony Xperia Tipo have a lot of apps because of google play (even many of them are useless and bad quality) meanwhile Asha 501 have medium amount of apps
What made I love them is Swiping I love the Swipe UI on Nokia Asha 501 makes it feels simple,but of course Nokia Asha apps grows faster than Android apps now

Winner: Sony Tipo

#6 Social Networking
In Nokia Asha 501 you can easily swipe from right/left to get your latest social network,news,or emails notifications called FastLane ,it can multitask easily meanwhile timescape on Sony Xperia Tipo looks boring and old fashioned

Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#7 The interface/UI
Nokia Asha 501 using swipe gestures meanwhile Android just kinda boring to me,unattractive icons,and makes drains a lot of battery
The swipe ui on Asha 501 is truly simple just swipe upside down for notifications swipe from lock screen to right/left for replying facebook,sms faster
The Nokia Asha 501 icons looks fresh and cute compared to old android icons which isn’t fresh
(Swipe ui adapted from legendary Nokia N9)

Winner: Nokia Asha 501

#8 The built in internet browsers
With Nokia Xpress on Nokia Asha 501 save your data until 90 % meanwhile on chrome for android or built in browser you can’t compress your data makes you lose your money significantly and drains battery on Android faster

Winner: Nokia Asha 501

So what are you waiting for grab Nokia Asha 501 in June

Share your opinions on the comments section below

Thanks 🙂


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