The reasons why you should get Nokia Lumia 521 Over subsidised Android Phone

Few weeks ago Nokia Launch Nokia Lumia 521 on T Mobile US,Nokia Lumia 521 offers an affordable price! Just $129 (Now sold out) and its off contract!
With Lumia 521 you can get the best mapping technology like Nokia Here Maps,Here Drive,Transit,Parking
Play and download music easily with Nokia Music no malware,download faster,and also no Ads+Pop ups
With Nokia Lumia 521 you can make office files,attach them easily on emails,share to SkyDrive and outlook faster and more secure
The outstanding battery life it makes you can use it more than 12 hours
Blazing speed 4G LTE networking on T mobile
Supersensitive touch screen so you can touch your Lumia 521 with thick gloves,pencil,pen,hammer.and nails
Large screen to see your contents easily and share with your friends faster
See the what’s the latest on your Live tiles
Makes your children save to use few contents with Kids corner easily and friendly 🙂
Faster and no more lags like those 8 core androids

So that’s why u should picking Lumia 521 instead those Androids


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