Meet the new Nokia Asha Platform

Asha 501

Asha 501

Yesterday Nokia just launched its new Smartphone which is affordable,perfect in hands,and also colourful
Nokia Also mentioned Asha Platform,What is that? What is Asha Platform? Is that a true Smartphone?
Nokia Asha Platform actually from Smarterphone which Nokia already bought them few years ago,some symbian people and smarterphone working hard to create a Operating System for Affordable phone like on Asha series
Nokia Asha Platform 1.0 is a redesigned Smarterphone with fastlane you can know what’s new from your social network just swipe the screen,there’s double tap to wake and whole meego features,it also have multitasking which easier for people,it just swiping on the screen as simple as that
Nokia Asha Platform is a new way for Affordable smartphone Operating system which combines high end operating system on an affordable smartphone like Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501 is a fast and optimised phone faster than any cheap androids out there!
Ultra fast and compressed browsers to save your money more


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