The reasons why Nokia Asha 501 Worth to buy



Nokia officially unveiled the New Nokia Asha 501 in India Event
Here’s why its worth to buy
#1 Design,Nokia combined Nokia Lumia/N9 Design language and human hands to makes it comfortable to use,and more durable
It comes with 5 colors: Red,Yellow,Green,White,and Cyan/Blue
#2 The Operating system,The Nokia Asha 501 comes with Nokia Asha Platform/Nokia Asha OS it fast,brilliant,smooth experience
It can play both HD and Java games,the UI looks so much like Nokia N9 you can swipe easily like what do you do on your legendary N9
Whether it is the applications you use the most, the latest images you’ve captured or your social network updates, Fastlane is designed so that you’re never more than a swipe away. 
Think of it as intelligent multitasking, or think of it as an interactive second home screen. Either way, Fastlane tracks your past, present and future, showing up to 50 of your most recent activities. It brings all the different elements of your smartphone experience together.
It have faster and smarter Nokia Xpress Browsers which can save 90% Data so you can save more money/ data plan with it
You also can multi task many apps too
#3 Hardware and battery
The Asha 501 will be the first Nokia device at such a low price point to use a micro-SIM. Furthermore, it will come in a single-SIM variant and a Dual-SIM version with Nokia’s unique Easy-Swap SIM technology, which allows people to switch SIM cards without having to power off the device.

It features a 3.2-megapixel camera, WiFi, a lock screen with a glanceable clock and the 3-inch capacitive screen is made out of hardened glass. There’s 4GB of internal memory and support for a micro-SD card up to 32GB.

The battery life offers an incredible 48 days in standby and 17 hours of talk time – that means you could talk from 7am to midnight non-stop!

It could be any low end Android easily
#4 Mapping experience,the Nokia Asha 501 comes with a better mapping experience on Asha devices,bring more details and features to makes the user become easier to find interesting places,directions and also restaurants+hotels
#5 More Games and Apps
Nokia Asha 501 will get 40 Free EA Games and Few HD Games out the box
Create/Develop apps on Asha OS Devices will become easier and saver

Its the best affordable smartphone till now just $99 (excluded tax and subsidies)
It will available this Q2 2013


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