Say Hello to the new Nokia Lumia 928,When beautiful design meets amazing screen and photography

Nokia finally announced the new Nokia Lumia 928 its slim,beautiful design,light,and also carries PureView technology,it have amazing design,durability,and ultra fast experience,4G LTE
The Nokia Lumia 928 I think its the best ever Windows Phone devices till now (until 14 May event 😛 ) the device fit perfectly on my hands its not as heavy as Lumia 920,it also slimmer
The PureView Technology on Lumia 928 Improved both daylight and low light photography experience thanks to the Xenon Flash,from the picture maybe its a waterproof phone too
It have GDR2.0 Update and more saver battery
The front camera are so Amazing! It can beat samsung galaxy mini 2 back camera 😀 but its true! The results from front camera are very awesome,sharp and detail thanks to the larger aperture which can capture more light,neutrality,and makes images more sharper it can helps you to take your video calling experience to the whole new level
The price reportedly $99 on contract and $599 off contract and its a great deal for new Windows Phone users/ who wants a Lumia flagship for Verizon the largest carrier in US

Thanks for reading 🙂 the device expected to start selling this may


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