Windows Phone Overtake BlackBerry to become 3rd largest Mobile OS

Today its a great day for us to Announce blackberry marketshare dropped significantly and Windows Phone gains more than iOS and Android,Windows Phone gap with iOS getting smaller,apple sales jumps down makes it easier for Windows Phone to gains more marketshare,Windows Phone has been no 2 in 7 markets (now 9 markets) it also mean Windows Phone outselling iPhone in those countries,Lumia sales pick up makes elop will working harder to push Lumia sales in higher levels,Lumia 928 and Catwalk also supposedly to launch this quarter,and EOS start selling in Q3 makes Nokia gains more smartphone marketshare,meanwhile blackberry dropping so quickly close to 0% Marketshare fro 2.6% now just 0.9% then 0.6% the blackberry 10 sales likely failed to impress,meanwhile Lumia sales growing in almost all countries I’ve been watching groups and its true there are 20 people switch away from their blackberry Z10 to Lumia 920,Blackberry also falls from top 5 biggest manufacturers in Indonesia,their consumers switch away from blackberry,Windows Phone are getting larger and larger while haters always say “Windows Phone couldn’t beat iOS and Android!!! ” Well we shall see because they’re not our Creator,and I think their prediction will wrong,they always said Elop strategy is fail,and few of them afraid if some bloggers said the truth,deleted their comments in their blogs,it seems they’re unhappy if their prediction totally wrong,that man said Nokia only could sells 2.9M Lumias in Q4 but its totally wrong,Lumia sales jump to 4.4M
Now let’s we hope the Lumia and Windows Phone strategy goes well,attract more consumers,developers,and people,no one knows what’s happen in future their prediction can be totally wrong too


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