Nokia Pips samsung to become the worlds best camera smartphone

I just seeing some Nokia Lumia 920 photos against Samsung flagship S4,S4 looks so ugly,very ugly in Low Light comparison and terrible music experience,Samsung always care about profits and marketing unlike Nokia,Nokia 808 is way better than samsung galaxy camera,Galaxy camera seems thick,bulky,and heavy which is not comfortable at our hands we tried to zooming the photos until 8X but the results is blurry in few places,and poor detail unlike the legendary Nokia 808 PureView who undoubtedly the best camera phone in the world,the low light imaging on Galaxy camera are so terrible,I just see few things on it,meanwhile on Lumia 920 and 808 PureView I can see everything clearly,and beautiful,in 808 pureview everything works so smooth,fast and instantly meanwhile Galaxy Camera looks laggy even it has 4 Core processor,the battery drains so quickly even it have 2X bigger battery than 808,808 can have an outstanding battery life,until 2-3 days of battery life without slowing down
That’s the proof why 808 PureView is still worth to buy 🙂


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