Nokia to announce few high end Lumia at May 14 in London,could be Catwalk?Laser?or EOS?



Nokia is ready to unveil new Lumia product portfolio at Nokia special events in London at May 14,Nokia is ready to introduce several high end Lumias,reportedly Nokia going to announce Lumia 928,Lumia Catwalk and could be EOS too
Like we say in previous post Nokia preparing 4 new high end Lumia products after Lumia Laser/928 release
#1 Nokia Catwalk a slim,upgraded Lumia 920,lighter and more beautiful
#2 Nokia EOS a 41MP PureView cameras combining PureView^1 and PureView^2 with large aperture,better and totally improved floating lens/ Optical Image Stabilization reportedly launched at February in MWC 2013 but delayed until around June/July
#3 Affordable version of Lumia 920,Lumia 910? Nokia Lumia 910 is a smaller Lumia 920,without carrying OIS? But have an amazing low light images,its thinner and lighter than Lumia 920 coming in september/around autumn
#4 the last one,Nokia reportedly also working on a Galaxy Note 3 rival with large screen,and PureMotionFullHD+ display,impressive Screen,solar charging?,Quad Core processor,and amazing features+apps reportedly coming on Q3/Q4 with all US carriers support,comes worldwide

But I think in this events Nokia could be only announcing Lumia Laser,Catwalk,and maybe EOS too,there also new Asha too?

I can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂
Thanks for reading,share and spread the news to everyone


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