Nokia Asha 210 why its Worth to buy?

Nokia officially unveiled Nokia Asha 210,the elegant and social smartphone
Nokia Asha 210 is social able device,with amazing features,like voice assisted camera so it makes easier if you wants to capture yourself,Nokia slam sharing easier,faster,and safer unlike cheap Android who doesn’t have NFC feature for fast sharing,Nokia slam for Asha is absolutely useful for many kinds of people,you can share your pictures,videos,music faster than what do you expect
Amazing design a combination of qwerty and Lumia 820 design,makes its looks beautiful,slick,and amazing,it have Wifi connection and long battery life
The covers are very colourful makes it can be an eye magnet,it can play youtube videos or stream a movie in the internet
Comfortable keypad makes you faster and easier to type
WhatsApp button for heavy whatsapp users,and of course deeper whatsapp integration,it makes your friends looks closer and social able
The price is affordable both single sim and dual sim priced at US$72 (including taxes? Excluded subsidies)
Its a bang for the buck in emerging markets
Nokia Maps makes we can know the places in our city or another cities,Nokia nearby makes me know about what’s the most interesting places near our location
Amazing facebook and twitter integration and fast internet browser makes it worth to buy
Nokia Life makes easier to get latest information about farming,educations,health,and financials it makes your life easier
Amazing and new EA games makes your gaming experience faster,smoother,and amazing

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