New Asha or Lumia? All will be revealed soon

Nokia expected to launch a new QWERTY phone,Nokia seems excited to launch the phone,there are many speculation saying its Lumia or Asha it can be an Asha phone because the design looks similar with Asha new design language by @evleaks,but it can be Lumia too,because so many people wants a qwerty Lumia for their business maybe an E7 style qwerty for Lumia would be awesome because I think businessman loves qwerty than full touch,faster to type anything,and feel comfortable
The microsoft office integration+qwerty device is what businessman wants,type easily and faster
Our tipper said there would be 2 versions one is Asha and one is Lumia we hope the lumia version have an E7/communicator style but our source said the Lumia qwerty coming out later but can be sooner too,to compete blackberry 10 smartphones

Thanks for reading,get ready for the announcements at 7.00 AM GMT 🙂


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