Nokia teasing something new at 24 April 2013,New Asha or Lumia?(+ crazy rumors Lumia 928 to carry FullHD display?)

Nokia has been teasing this photo,both on their twitter and official blog (Nokia conversations) at April 25 07.00 GMT Nokia is ready to announce a new device,from the corners it seems like a new Asha device leaks by @evleaks some people said its a qwerty Lumia like E6/E7
There’s been few leaks about new nokia Products in postel certification and also Nokia RDA

#1 Nokia 307
#2 Nokia 312
#3 Nokia 210
#4 Nokia 501
#5 Nokia 509

There are 5 new products but we think not all of them to be announced at April 24,we asked few sources but no reply

Here’s what Nokias twitter said: Be there or be square? A square phone? A new Asha design or A qwerty Lumia

There also a rumours from china Windows Phone fan site (winp,cn) said there Lumia 928 to carry 1080p display and the first Windows Phone device to get that feature they claimed @evleaks told them,but then @evleaks response our tweets (few minutes later the tweet has been deleted) @evleaks said it wasn’t me (evleaks) and its fake then we can’t see the tweets anymore because @evleaks deleted them

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