My experience with Nokia Mobira Talkman

Around a decade ago my families bought a Nokia Mobira talkman for me,its so heavy and thick at that time Nokia and Motorola are very popular,they fight each other to gain consumers,buyers and marketshare,the battery life are very good I can call my friends easily,at that time the price are very high,only few people who bought it,my friends love to try my new phone,and try to make a calls with it,someone seems doesn’t know how to make a calls with my mobira talkman than I teach him how to use mobira talkman,and then he also buy a mobira talkman too,the durability is awesome of course because mobira talkman is too heavy,someday I was careless and drop it in the floor than the floor automatically cracked,my phone was okay but the floor looks terrible so I fix it with my little friends,i always carry mobira talkman in the garden,sometimes I call my friends to talk about his conditions or talking about books
My phone colour is black and now there’s some scratch on it,I still have one to remember my old memories with Mobira Talkman it was a luxurious phone at that time

Thanks for reading I hope you like it 🙂


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