Nokia preparing 4 New High end Lumia devices?



Our source has been contacting us and I asked is it true there are 4 New high end phones this 2013,he said Yes its true,they’re working hard on it to makes no supplies issue and putting more innovations on it
Now let’s talk about 4 new high end Lumias
#1 Nokia Lumia catwalk,shortly after Nokia Lumia 928 released (next week) Nokia is preparing an event to launch the Catwalk,catwalk is the most beautiful Nokia Lumia device,it also thinnest Lumia device,it destined for T mobile and maybe around the world,its slim 8.4MM and Light 130-140 Grams,Dual core snapdragon S4 Pro? Adreno 320? And a micro SD support,it have an improved camera 8-13MP maybe the catwalk other name is PurePhi,announced maybe around may/june,better OIS,Wireless charging, 4G support
#2 Nokia Lumia EOS
The first Lumia series to get a 41MP cameras with thinner hump,and also lighter,it has improved OIS so your video recording will much better and stabilised,super zooming without losing any single details,better lowlight and daylight experience in both shots,and recording,variable aperture,and improved Rich Recording experience,it have 2000-2500 mAh battery,Micro SD card,32/64GB internal memories,HDMI,and USB on the go?2K or 4K video recording?,Wireless charging,solar charging? 4G support

#3 the third one,Nokia Lumia 910 a cheaper or more affordable version of Lumia 920/catwalk,its thinner and lighter than 920,carries same lowlight experience,no OIS?,1 GB RAM,768X1024 resolutions?,Wireless charging,he seems doesn’t know about micro SD,8/16GB memories,4G support,its has smaller bezel and smaller screen maybe 4/4.3,Snapdragon S4,no details about PureMotion

#4 Nokia Lumia Phablet
Nokia seems preparing a phablet the Galaxy Note 3 rival with a better experience and specs over Galaxy Note 3,it will come with GDR 3.0 update which also have refreshed ui in some areas and support,slim,light but durable,it will truly replace Lumia920,it have PureMotionFullHD+ which it have a much better display than PureMotionHD+,it have better Note like feature,some exclusive apps and etc,reported it have 2500-3000 mAh battery,True wireless charging,solar charging,amazing camera maybe around 16-21mp,Snapdragon800?,2 or 4 GB RAM,micro sd card support,improved design and durability announced at same time as Lumia910 both phones expected to launch at september in Nokia World 2013/Nokia+MS press conference
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