Many retailers said the Nokia Lumia sales has been selling really well and stable+Lumia popularities also grow



There are many retailers says a positive feedback for the Nokia Lumia series condition
Here’s one of their feedback

Despite numerous issues still facing the Finnish company, there is evidence of the growing popularity for both the Windows Phone 8 operating system and the recent generation of Lumia devices, says the report. The growing popularity will help the company to register strong sales through repeat purchases and word of mouth recommendations.

Strategy wise also, Nokia Corporation is very much in the game with “a steady product renewal road map while continuing to innovate where possible.” The report expects the strategy to pay off with a gradual increase in Lumia volumes and market share. For Nokia Asha range, the report expects the devices to defend or build share, at least in the medium term.

Nokia has been exceeded expectations in Nokia Lumia sales at Q4 2012 now we are waiting for Nokia Q1 2013 results,the results is ready to be published at 18 April 1.00 (CET +1) you can see

The NSN still back on profits and some says Nokia sales will be higher and better + better profits too


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