Nokia Lumia EOS coming soon?

The Nokia Lumia 920 successor the Nokia Lumia EOS is ready for everything,Nokia has been testing it before Nokia Lumia 920 released so this phone will be very popular and everyone can grab Lumia series
Here’s the rumoured specs and features
HD+/Full HD screen
41MP with OIS
4K video recording?
Snapdragon S4 Pro/Snapdragon 800?
2000-2500 mAh battery
Bezel less screen
Better screen durability
Solar charging
Water proof and resistant?
Dust proof and resistant?
Windows Phone 8 GDR2/GDR 3
Exclusive to ATT for 3 months and then other carriers like Verizon,T mobile and sprint will support the device 🙂
Nokia will get a lot of major promotion from Microsoft to promote catwalk,laser,and EOS in everywhere,also no supplies issue again
Super zooming ability
Micro SD

Thanks for reading we hope you’ll enjoyed it
Mark your calendar at 18 April to see Nokia Q1 2013 results we hope we will so happy to see those results


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