Nokia Lumia 928 to have solar charging ?

There are many rumors speculating about Lumia928,Catwalk and EOS,it seems Lumia will have solar charging,quick charging,and better connectivity
Solar Charging phone by Nokia are expected to launch at MWC but there’s no flagship yet,solar charging its pretty useful and easy to use
Nokia have a partner to adding Solar Charging feature to Lumia soon
And Nokia already teasing it on their Facebook page,so it seems Solar Charging its ready to use and add in the new generation of Lumia
*likely sammy as always will copied this feature soon,because they have no innovation yet 🙂
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One thought on “Nokia Lumia 928 to have solar charging ?

  1. I already read before about that! This would be amazing for all 3 new nokia phones! It’s a milestone if it works great! So Nokia has no patent on it right?
    I can’t believe they will put all the amazing great stuff into my EOS phone, coz Nokia always has a problem at this point 😉
    928 come out, then we will be hearing more eos news 😉

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