Nokia Indonesia hinting Lumia 520 and 720?

I just sightseeing at Nokia Indonesia and they said something amazing will coming this week or next week,they also share Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 videos and said before it will start selling in Indonesia,you must know it first
Indonesia is one of many Nokia lands,every Nokia smartphone will sell like hotcakes there,their Asha and Lumia and symbian too,people wants nokia because its the most trusted brands there,never fooling consumers like putting Dual Core and HD screen,but with low performance and worse screen
Lumia520 comes with supersensitive touch screen so you can use gloves,fork,pencil,pen,or etc,rock solid and super fast performance with snapdragon S4 and adreno GPU to making your gaming experience better,and blazing performance and also affordable price,removable battery
Lumia720 comes with f1.9 aperture camera,dual core snapdragon s4 with Adreno305 gpu, slim its the slimmest nokia phone until now,light and easy to hold,supersensitive touch screen,gorilla glass and wireless charging,NFC
All pre loaded with Nokia Here Maps beta (depends on countries),Nokia Glam Me,and more
Microsoft office integration also cool
I hope it will skyrocketing the Indonesia,India,China,and US markets share
Thanks for reading 😀


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