Nokia Lumia 620 powerful and compact

The affordable Nokia Lumia 620 now available at more countries around the world and just sold out at Indonesia and india
Nokia Lumia 620 are perfect for students,businessman and gamers,with high power dual core processor,not just labeling dual core with bad performance like Nokias competitor which just care about marketing and not about quality and try to get consumers with not good way,Lumia 620 also comes with dual shot colors and amazing durability,the microsoft office and xbox intergration with Windows 8 are so amazing,you can edit,create or share,to your friends easily and friendly,there also a smartshoot so you can remove the things that you don’t want,cinemagraph to make your picture moving,city lens to discover new places,deals and more,maps to discover your countries,drive+ to get fastest directions and amazing details,music and mix radio to make your music life easier there also operator billing too,music+ to subscribe newest music and collections,Glam Me to take and edit of your face shot,and more amazing features now on your palm of your hands
Enjoy your Lumia620 now
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