Why Nokia are far more innovative than the competitors?

Why Nokia is innovative? Why Nokia Lumia wins so many awards,why Samsung copied Nokia Feature on Samsung Gaylaxy S4 phone?
#1 Nokia have investing much on innovating not for marketing like samsung,their feature are useless,it just a marketing gimmick,do you know the new samsung exynos octa? Yes the 8 core just for marketing not for performance,It looks laggy when it compared to Lumia920,the eye tracking is a useless feature while u want to watch movie then your friends say hi and your videos automatically paused but you don’t want it,the floating touch is useless when you see a good picture,you accidentally swipe your hand above the screen than that picture gone,its just a marketing gimmick to make you buying their products and most of them are easily to get fooled
#2 Nokia have many technology,they have super sensitive touch screen,which is copied by samsung,the Air gesture which is old on Nokia N8,why they selling better than Nokias because they advertise their products everywhere to fooling people and the worst part is they believe it,Nokia have a PureView technology which is copied by htc on the new htc one,but well we think htc one is better than cheap plastic+cheap looking galaxy s4,Nokias PureView technology can have amazing lowlight shot,pure details when you crop it,amazing daylight shots,and innovative photo editor/lens which also getting copied by samsung,with Super sensitive touch you can use thick gloves,pencil,or ink,but likely galaxy s4 just can used by thick gloves not the others,with Rich Recording it have amazing,crisp,details and very loud,meanwhile samsung just have wireless charging,Nokias is the first in the world having wireless charging,why not Palm smartphone? Because Nokia have the ideas since around 1800,Nokia is the most innovative brand we ever seen,they have a true passion to create their products,unlike samsung they don’t have any passions to create their phones
Nokia services are awesome like cinemagraph,city lens,and more,they’re very useful and not just a marketing gimmick to fooling people and the others
Samsung knox also copying blackberry,their screen share feature,and also they want to compete Nokia Music but fail,I can’t stop laughing when they launch gamepad it looks like a chinese brands,and also the back too
Its easy to break it because it just a cheap plastic,even they called it polycarbonate body,and using the best craftsmanship its just a lie,Nokia have been researching for releasing phone with amazing design,beautiful,and easy to hold,samsung also copies Nokia bendable screen innovation,its Nokia phone,but they copied it but still ugly though

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Thanks for reading we hope you’ll enjoyed it


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