Nokia Lumia 928 comes with All new Design

Nokia Lumia 928 reportedly comes with All new design,and aluminum body,with laminated curved glass,thinner than Lumia 920 (10.7mm vs 10.2mm) its lighter than Lumia 920 (185 grams vs 160 grams?) The new Lumia928 reportedly with better processor and cameras,Nokia Lumia 928 to announced this march maybe,and start selling at april alongside ugliest smartphone samsung galaxy s4,run on latest wp8 software and will be priced around $99-199 with contract and depends on storage,it also comes with micro sd card
Also with new Nokia services

We are getting closer to the announcements date!,get ready !!!


3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 928 comes with All new Design

  1. sounds really great, and a huge step for Nokia to compete in the US market!
    I’m waiting here in europe for the worldwide EOS, and then Nokia is back and has a huge 2013!! πŸ˜‰

  2. So, the big question is WHEN will we hear more about this phone, pretty much everything has been rumor (with nothing backing it up) accept the FCC document on it that means it’s coming to Verizon wireless in the US ?????

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