Nokia 301 details and preview

The brand new Nokia 301 is amazing,their cameras settings and options are amazing,quick shot,and Nokia slam feature are pretty useful,I love the design,it runs on S40 software with 3G,it also so cute
With Nokia slam,you can share your photos or another files as fast as NFC,quick,secure,and also friendly,meanwhile low end android with same price without nfc features must be waiting for very slow data/file transfer,while Nokia 301 users are very happy with their slam feature,Nokia 301 also comes with Nokia xpress it will compress your date so it will be so useful and lesser to pay
With Nokia Maps and Nokia nearby,you can find nearest place with amazing deals,interesting places,food and beverages easily and very detail on Nokia 301
Its very durable and amazing,sleek and social,you can share all impressions with your Nokia 301 easily on facebook,and twitter
Dual sim with easy swap are useful feature,it makes people easir to change their sim cards
There also voice assisted shot,so you can get a perfect shot on your demand,its pretty cool right?
Thanks for reading 🙂
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