Nokia 603 vs Nokia 700? Let us help you :-)

What should you get Nokia 603 or 700? Confused?
Well we will help you to get through this problems
#1 Screen,Nokia 603 have a larger screen than 700 but lower pixel per inch,while Nokia 700 which is smaller have more pixel per inch than Nokia 603,both have clearblack display
#2 OS both have same os the symbian belle but Nokia 603 lacks of belle fp2 in some countries,meanwhile you can get it easily on your Nokia software update
#3 Camera: both have same camera,but my friend show us a comparison between Nokia 603 and 700 shot,and I surprised Nokia 603 have a better and sharper shot
#4 battery,all of you must be know about battery,symbian battery life are so long,and amazing even on small capacity
#5 smoothness: I think Nokia 700 is more smoother than Nokia 603 but still its symbian,it so stable,it so mindblowing,with symbian we can see 41mp phone sooner
#6 connectivity both have same connectivity ,what makes me interested is NFC games,its very useful
#7 mapping,both have same mapping technology,Nokia here maps,it so useful and very detail even the tiniest one,the Nokia drive is useful too,to get direction and more
#8 Design,Nokia 700 is a chubby,and cute design,while Nokia 603 looks stylish and colorful
Our decision its depends on you,Nokia just updated their symbian phone with new software,make it smoother,soft,and never got laggy
Thanks for reading šŸ˜€
Long live the Symbian,the worlds biggest platform at that time


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