The reasons why i Love Symbian very much

Today I would like to share with you my reasons why I love Symbian OS
#1 the multitasking are awesome,even until now Android can’t beat it E5 still holds the records with 74 APPS!!!!!
#2 Amazing battery life,yes my E90 can do 3 days battery life with Apps+games and internet always run
#3 the stability while I am opening man apps on my symbian phone it never got slower,slick and instant
#4 chubby icons I love the chubby icons (anna icons) on my nokia 701 it looks good and fashionable even it easy to find anna icons theme on androids and it so popular
#5 connectivity,I love the connectivity such as tv out,hdmi,usb on the go,fm transmitter,NFC games and much more
#6 easy to delete widget,it easy to delete widget on Symbian just tap and hold than click delete
#7 so light,yes symbian maybe the lightest OS out there
#8 easy to customize with many firmware,hack,and extra buttons
#9 can run many type of files/games
#10 awesome QT integration
So that’s my thoughts,why I love my symbian until now 😀
Thanks for reading,happy weekend


2 thoughts on “The reasons why i Love Symbian very much

  1. Good list. Add these #11 Symbian Belle is the only OS which supports over 16MP image sensor cameras and lossless zoom while recording video and with the photos. #12 Symbian Belle is the only OS which supports stereo recordings with HAAC (High Amplitude Audio Capture) microphones.

    • meahwhile… wait for the Nokia Lumia 1000/EOS, they support up to 55MP and all the other stuff! Adding a chip, other main chips, improved OS and everything is possible 😉 Yeah we want Stereo!! 😉 …and all the high-end stuff!! 808+920+something new in one phone… hopefully EOS 😉

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